Een eerste geografische indeling van India

For those who do not know me still here some background information about my person.

Although I had the last few years a lot of time spent on my gallery “In the old school,” I did the years before still a completely different professional life. After studying history, I am more than 20 years in various schools as a teacher was active.

It is therefore not surprising that of all the things that are suitable for this India blog, I mainly geography, history, culture, etc. as the subject will choose.
For a good understanding of what to do with India is a little knowledge of Indian geography is a prerequisite.

Let us therefore once again the first basic knowledge through.
It is certainly not necessary to immediately be able to identify all the places, rivers and states, but it is useful to know that India can be divided into three clearly distinguishable areas. (In addition, some loose Islands).From north to south:


First of course the Himalayas.
After a large piece of land located some 40 million years ago, becoming detached from the primeval continent Gondwana , it moved northward. The collision (which still continues) to what we now call Asia creates a “crumple zone” seen by us as the mountains of the Himalayas.
An immense mountain range (highest peak in India 8598 m) which India safely shields.
What effect this chain has climate but also for history and culture we see later. 

To the south of this mountain we find the plains of the Indus and the Ganges. These rivers take a lot of stuff with them that they drop. So therefore creates a large plain at the end a widely flared delta that runs from Delhi to Bangladesh (known. Sundarbans ). This area will be the cradle of Indian civilization turn.



South India, the travel area GOZUIDINDIA , finally formed by the so-called. Deccan plateau. This section is higher and is enclosed in the west, east and south through hilly areas (earlier) many natural areas are / were present. (W. & O. Ghats and Nilgiri Hills)
The origin of this area is quite spectacular: It’s the result of a massive and prolonged volcanic activity. Doing so much lava and gas was released it along with a meteorite impact (Mexico?) Caused the downfall might have of dinosaurs.


It is this format that for thousands of years determines the course of things for India. The traveler and the travel companies we will see, can not get around the mandatory effects of these geological data.

Oh, like diving / snorkeling enthusiast I can not forget to mention that there is still finding some beautiful pieces of India far away in the ocean.
To the east of India (actually closer to SE. Asia than in India ), the Andaman and Nicobar islands and some stunning coral islands (Lakshadweep) north of the Maldives (35 km2).

Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar islands.
GOZUIDINDIA let you otherwise discover India! We arrange transport and accommodation; you go there nice independently from (backup modern comm.middelen)

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